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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

So, after several weeks of Winter induced alcoholism, we've finally promoted new staff.

New Staff:
  • mdunlavy
  • WinterFish
  • GemStarrk (who is this guy?)
  • Orange_Boulder (I must really be tired)
  • Oliver1727
  • Benchriswii
  • Rojn321
  • HereDoggyDoggy69
  • Edget
Network Wide:
  • Added /mail
  • Added /menu as an alias for /bs, might be a little easier to remember for some
  • Changed spawn to make it easier to navigate
  • Join:
    • Added new join/leave messages
    • Added first time joining messages
  • AntiCheat
    • Made Fastbreak/Fastplace not block
    • Disabled Rubberbanding
  • Miscellaneous
    • Changed Random TP radius to 50000
    • Increased number of tile entities that can be ticked (Hopefully to resolve Redstone issues, potentially beacons as well)
  • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
  • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
  • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
    • [Redacted]
  • Cannons
Network wide:
  • Added /hub, /lobby, /scarlet, /azure, and /ruby as command aliases
  • Brought back /[channel] to toggle into chats again (/tc to toggle into town chat for example)
  • Trails
    • Resolved an issue where donors were able to set other people's trails, including non-donors
    • Changed it to say [NoobTrails] because why not?
  • AntiCheat
    • Changed movement checks to help avoid collision with donor pets
    • Changed FastBreak to avoid collisions with McMMO and special server Pickaxe's
    • Increased glide and phase checks to avoid collisions with lifts
    • Few other minor changes to bring balance to the force. Hopefully.
  • Added top town, monthly voter, and McMMO leaderboards in /spawn
  • Added the ability to use /link to link your account on the forums
  • VIP Perks
    • Added access to /trails
    • Added /backpack
    • Increased price to $25 from $15
  • Added Cobblestone Ore Generators
    • Allows you to get ore randomly from cobble generators on your island
  • Added leaderboards to /spawn for top islands and a few others
  • VIP Perks
    • Added Ruby VIP to donation store for $20
    • Added WorldEdit to VIP users within the plot world
    • Increased plot limit of 16 from 4 for VIP users
    • Added access to /trails
  • Disabled the chat filter on this server. Not even sure how I didn't notice that it was enabled sooner... Well. Poor Ruby
I will be taking down the server to perform upgrades to the server in preparation for the Christmas player population. The server should be down anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. I thank you for your support and patience while we deal with these issues. You guys are the best.

Hey! If you somehow have avoided every single message in game about the keys, let's cover the basics!
  • Head on over to the donation store category, type in your username and then choose "Buy", you will not be charged for this, and it will not ask for your credit card so long as you choose the correct category.
  • Then wait 1-5 minutes, you do not need to log out, but you will need to have an open inventory slot
  • Once you have the key, use the command "/spawn" to head back to our spawn, then head back and to the left until you reach the snow covered crate room
  • Then use the key on the crate with snowflakes falling out

Also for the lunatics who have read this far down, there's a temporary 1 in 100 chance of getting a crate key from voting until the 31st. The crate keys must be used by the 31st. The donation store sale will also be ending on the 31st. Also, I love you.
Not a whole lot to say here, so I won't waste your time. Here's the new things.

  • /recipe [item] - Looks up the recipe of an item
  • /recipe - Looks up the recipe of the item you're holding
  • While in the recipe menu, clicking on an item will show you that recipe
Also new! There's a random teleport in spawn. To the right of the rules board there's a portal. Simply walk through and it will teleport you avoiding all towns. Perfect for finding a new settlement. :D
It's time to thin the herd.

We have 17367 residents (cleared a few months ago), 922 towns, 138 nations, and 80261 claimed chunks in our Towny universe. It's about time we clear some space. And we're going to re-enable upkeep now.

A large part of why this has been accumulating is because we were forced to disable upkeep a few buggy Towny patches ago. While we haven't tested in full production, I believe the issue should be fixed now. So, starting next week. (December 17th) we will be re-enabling upkeep, and raising the price on new towns. In the case that... Well. That upkeep doesn't work out the way we hope, we'll be making several backups of the database beforehand and disabling revert on unclaim. Meaning that hopefully if someone were to lose their town we should be able to recover everything with no issue.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't worry. You should still be worrying about having enough money in your town banks to cover daily upkeep. Also, keep in mind that with taxes now being collected, you might be kicking some residents out of your town unintentionally if your tax was set higher than the amount they have now. I would recommend setting taxes to 0 for the first few days of upkeep.

But brace yourselves... It might be a bumpy ride! Let's hope it works out!

Edit: Post purge stats
Residents: 3786 | Towns: 411 | Nations : 51 | TownBlocks: 61177

Top Nations:
Terravia: 171 Residents
Artenia: 124 Residents
Stonlos: 123 Residents

Top Towns:
DigZone: 40 Residents
Crab City: 29 Residents
Scarlet Kitties: 28 Residents
So as some of you already know, we have a few new plugins! Among those is a new voting system, a new chat system, and the largely requested /ignore. I'll go over the new commands and the basic idea behind them.

There are no longer any top voter rewards at the end of each month; the voting points and BossShop systems are still in place, however. Your points will carry over and voting as a whole is largely unchanged. There is soon to be cross-server voting and rewards for voting on our other servers, more info on this will come sometime soon™.

/vote - Brings up the vote command menu
/vote claim [all | #] - Claims your voting rewards
/vote sites - Displays all of the links to the voting sites

Chat has had a pretty huge overhaul; there are still the old channels (General, Town, Nation, Local, and Marry, but no Mayor at the moment, RIP) and some new additions (Help and Trade). Overall it's a lot more tidy (you can scroll over people's usernames to see their stats by the way).

/channel [channel name] - This will toggle you into the specific channel
/[channel abbreviation] [message] - This will send a message in the specified chat channel
without toggling.

You can ignore other users... you monster.

/ignore [username]
/ignore list - Lists all of your ignored players.

Please note that the contents of this page are subject to change at any time as we think of anything we left out, or decide to change it just because :D
Absolutely everything 33.33% off! Including ranks, which is the first time we've had a sale on them! The sale will end December 1st so make sure to grab what you want before then!

We've even updated the donation store! Boo yeah!

And yes, I know the sale's been going on since Friday. But I realized this is the one place I haven't mentioned the sale, so might as well. :)
Starting next month I will be experimenting with a few different voting systems, but the one that seems to be the most promising will change a few things, but let me go over the differences.

So, the awkward sad part, the Minecraft-MP top voters will be suspended all together. The rewards that some people are used to getting at the end of every month will end.

But onto more exciting things. The new voting system is intended to switch to voting for Super Noobs as a network, instead of just Scarlet getting the love. Currently I anticipate that you will only receive rewards for the server you're online when you vote, or the first one you login first.

This means that if you login to Scarlet and vote, you'll get your points same as always, but if you login to Azure instead, you'll get rewards related to Skyblock. I imagine that this will not be without some roadbumps, so sorry about that. We've had a number of comments about wanting to vote for Azure, but not really knowing how.

Along with this, I plan on changing the IP address advertised to players from scarlet.supernoobs.net to supernoobs.net. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but worse case scenario, I end up rolling back everything to how it is now. But hopefully it works out well. :)