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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

~~Bleep bloop bleep!~~

We've changed the way we do staff applications on the server

Rather than dig into the forums, post a new thread, copy the format, and do the rest of that garbage it's much simpler, it's on the sidebar, and is more of a "fill in the blank" type system. Granted, if you're just wanting to rock-out and party right away here.

Along with a Builder one...
I'm sure many of you have been anxiously awaiting this, and many of you have been not so subtle about that anxiety, but here it is. Hopefully. You should now be seeing your vaults on Scarlet 1.9 via /pv 1 & /pv 2. If your vault didn't transfer at all, please contact me. But it's important that you take your items out of your vault on the new server. The vault storage is by no means permanent, and the plugin will be removed in the near future. Again, if you have an issue, please get in contact with a staff member.

All vaults moved: NeopolitanDream, LukeShaiwalker, SlapMyNuts, XXXQQQ2, benchriswii, iPineappleParade, Bangmyteastytwt, NotSoFamous1, arfermoment, Deadislander, TheConky, Town_Mayor, NiplGoat, Expelllliarmus, TotallyNotChloe, MostFamous, PinkCookie_101, MisCookieMonster, GoddessOfPizza, CreepahGriefah, FakeBakn3, Infernalized, Kerplunky, Nyaancat, SkittlesYaKnow, Nyaancat, xSabz, KiritoKazuto_314, Cuda_, Whiitey_, MsEscreal, Monsterwaffle, PearlescentMoon, Delnass, Sallavar, Destalos, SkorpionvX, KyleSC, SirAppleLot, MrBobDole, CaptainPinkiez, pismocrab, Easau, mooman6900, OppenBYEmer, Phillburt, galeadude123, Orangely, Nabi, Cdr_Waffle, muhaisdead, RB24680, Joannu, DragonFir3, judeman222, ianguy9, xJesusx, zatrid159, TieableCookie, tmxkillet, coins62, WinterFish, epiczombiepigman, Hobbs__, Neverywhere, Oo_Suka_oO, Neverywhere, Nicolaila, mdunlavy, Tablejai, Rampykid, EthicalCraft, Circusturtle, hillbilly165, Gulagboy, Lordtemper, Andysit7564, _RoboCop__, BriarRose7, Ulfrikr, Nixykitten10, BatlyBat, circusnarwhal, BlueSilurian, Maggot_, thebluedwarth, Pickled_Lemon, EternalStoic, OjiiOtousan, Nevos and Switzer1113
  • Updated to 1.9
  • Fixes
    • Dealt with the major lag issues
    • Disabled light system
    • Added /rtp back in
    • Dynmap is now updated
    • McMMO repair chances back to our custom settings ;)
  • Towny
    • Upkeep/Taxes are now collected daily
    • Pricing Update
      • Town Cost: 1000
      • Town Upkeep: 100
      • Nation Cost: 25000
      • Nation Upkeep: 1000
  • Donor perks
    • Added /joinmenu: Choose your join/leave message
    • Added /hat <block> for Gold+
    • Updated SilkSpawners to 1.9
  • Updated to the 1.9 thing
  • Updated to 1.9
  • Fixes
    • New shop sign system
    • New money system…
Edit: Just connect to any supernoobs.net on 1.8 and you'll be forwarded to the 1.8 server
Okay, so, the vaults are in. Every player gets two vaults, accessible via /pv 1 & 2. The size of said vaults is determined by the donation rank. Normal players will get 1 row, Bronze 2, Silver 3, Gold 4, Diamond 5, with Platinum getting 6 rows.

So, here's what you need to do. You need to login on a Minecraft 1.8 client, connect to supernoobs.net, then do /server oldscarlet, load up your stuff, then do /callmovers. And that's it! Give us a day or two to verify the contents of your vault and we'll move it. Keep in mind, we reserve the right to not move any item we deem to not work in the new world, and we'll leave a note with what we removed and why.

After that, you can login to the new server and use /pv 1 & 2 again to retrieve your valuables. Welcome to your new home.
Okay, I decided to take some time and write this post so I don't waste time repeating myself. Expect me to edit this page frequently with questions that are asked, and don't be offended when you get a link to this page in response to a question.
Q: Will money transfer?
A: No

Q: Will my inventory transfer?
A: No, players will be receiving a vault

Q: Will McMMO transfer?
A: Yes

Q: When will the vault system be completed?
A: By the end of the week, but currently the focus is to get Towny, money, and everything on that side up and running ASAP so that players can play in the new world

Q: How big will vaults be?
A: If you're a donor, same size as a backpack, if not, 1 row.

Q: How big will the optional WorldEdit be?
A: The WorldEdit will kill the admins. So, we honestly don't want to do this option very much. And we don't want to go around saving worthless builds. But the players who use this server to build entire beautiful towns, we feel for. So... Currently, this is still up in the air. And I may opt for a different system entirely.

Q: Will points transfer?
A: Yes, but not immediately.

Q: What items will be removed by from my vault during the move?
A: Part of the focus is establishing a new economy with the new server. So, huge amounts of diamonds/iron, spawners, will be reduced in amount during the move.
If this post doesn't cover everything, PLEASE, read the FAQ

As many of you surely know by now, Minecraft 1.9 was released today. I've rewritten those post many different times in planning for 1.9, but now is the time to start talking about our plans for 1.9. And so, yes. We will be updating to 1.9

Azure, and Ruby fall into the category of not having very many version specific features, and should be relatively easy to get upgraded. By the end of the week that portion of supernoobs.net should be all running on 1.9.

Scarlet however is an old horse. And well, to put things lightly, I'm going to shoot that horse in the head. It's been a little over two years since the last time we had a world reset on Scarlet. And it's high time that we finally reset it. So, in the coming week, a 1.9 version of Scarlet will be run in parallel to the current 1.8 server. This allows us to bring features of plugins online as they become available to us.

And so along with shooting that horse in the head, it's important to note, you will not transfer your money. In the coming weeks I'll be hopefully building a vault system in which we will transfer items, but it will be in extremely limited quantities. Hold onto your butts people. Going to be a bumpy road.

Along with the bumps, we just want to make life for the admins even more hell. So after a very brief discussion. I'm happy to say that we'll be building a system to allow players to choose between a vault or WorldEdit. Extra Edit:(decided we could accomplish our intent with less confusion, hopefully for everyone) Basically the choice between items or build. With the world edit we will be removing chests, hoppers, droppers, furnaces. We have not decided on the size of the WorldEdit allotted to each player, but will be talking about more in the future.
  • ~New~
    • Added /warp - Shows a GUI with a list of warps
    • Added /rules - Displays the rules (duh)
    • Added /ping - Prints your ping in ms (Helpful for diagnosing lag)
    • Added /staff - Displays a list of all online staff members
    • Added /staffhelp - Privately messages all online staff members
    • Added /joinmenu (or /bs), allows you to customize your join/leave message, join messages currently only available for Platinum Donators, once more messages are added I will spread them throughout the ranks
    • Added /crafting (aliases: /craft, /workbench, /craftingtable) for Bronze donors to open crafting tables on the go!
    • /mario and secrets
  • Marriage:
    • Allow players to divorce when their partner is offline
  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Fixed Dynmap thanks to the several hours of downtime yesterday morning http://supernoobs.net:8123/
    • Ban page now shows Scarlet correctly
    • Disabled NoFall check with NARC due to players in /fly glitching when falling
  • ~~New~~
    • Added /biomemenu (Prices subject to change)
    • Added /staff
    • Added /ping
    • /mario and secrets
  • Fixes and tweaks
    • Copied config from Scarlet for NARC
Thankfully, and finally, the new server hardware has arrived. And as such, I'll have to take down the server to do maintenance on it. I'm unsure if the processor on the new server will perform enough for Scarlet, so here's the plan. I'm going to be migrating Scarlet, the website, and a few behind the scenes things over to the new hardware, while leaving Azure, Ruby, and Onyx to live on the current hardware. If Scarlet is too much for the new processor(which I suspect it might be) due to Minecraft's lovely nature of performing most actions on a single thread, I'll do another server migration switching Azure, Ruby, and Onyx out to live on the new hardware while Scarlet takes up the old hardware.

We've been getting cramped on the amount of ram available for a while now, and it's starting to creep in as the player count rises. This should be more than enough.

As with any server migration I expect there will be a lot of headaches on my end, and a lot of antsy players wanting to play. But I've been doing this for a while now. So hopefully I don't screw up in major fashion. :)

edit: I did not get all I wanted to get done tonight. But, rather than hitting my unconcious head against MySQL, I'm going to go to bed, wake up, then fix Azure, the Lobby, Ruby, etc. We should be running on Scarlet better, but dynamic map will be inaccessible. Expect more downtime tomorrow night, but really, I just need sleep.
Network Wide
  • Added kebabs(?)
  • Fixed /ignore for in game messages
  • Changed player subtext to rotate between points/votes
  • Anti Cheat
    • Re-enabled certain movement checks with relaxed punishments
    • Disabled Spam Checks
  • Player Points
    • Gave players permission to use /points pay to pay other players in points
  • Marriage
    • Changed /marry plugins
    • Added hearts into chat, grey = single, red = married
  • Valentines Crate
    • Assigned Rarity to Items, rare items will show up less frequently in crates.
    • Added Keys Into The Donation Store
    • Key shop still construction, currently accessible via /bs cratekeys. Will be touching up more later.
    • Possible Items:
      • Legendary
        • Cupid's Bow
        • $10 Million
        • Cupid's Armor
      • Rare
        • 500 Points
        • Poon Slayer
        • Slime Spawner
        • Witch Spawner
        • Creeper Spawner
        • The Penetrator
        • 500 Levels
        • Unbreaking X Book
        • Efficency X Book
        • Villager Spawner
        • 64 Emerald Blocks
        • Looting 5 Book
        • Fortune 5 Book
        • $1 Million
        • 64 Diamond Blocks
        • Uncommon
        • 100 Points
        • Magma Cube
        • 32 Emerald Blocks
        • Lover's Armor (individual pieces)
        • Enderman Spawner
        • 16 Diamond Blocks
        • 90 Levels
        • Mooshroom Spawner
        • $250K
        • Bat Spawner
        • Cow Spawner
        • Pig Spawner
      • Common
        • Zombie Spawner
        • Skeleton
        • Heavily Baited Rod
        • Blaze Spawner
        • 30 Levels
        • Romantic Footie Pajamas (individual pieces)
        • Slime Ball
        • Phallic Stick
  • Changed join messages to be the same as Scarlet
  • Minimalized scoreboard
  • Added join messages
  • Fixed login issue
You heard it here first folks, I'm going to try and not break everything in the exciting installment of me doing some special work on the server tonight. As a result expect the network to be unavailable @ 1AM MST until 2AM MST. If you don't know when that is in your local time, well, Google search will tell you. What a time to be alive!

As for those of you prying folks, I'll be posting a change log sometime tomorrow detailing some of the work that has been done. As for now, I'm going to go take a power nap so I can stay up all night. You're my favorite noobs. Always remember that. ;)