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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

Valentines Day Shiyut
Valentines Day is here! And despite my University level procrastination skills, I HAVE SOMETHING DONE! The Valentines crate can be found at /warp crate, though if we're completely honest some things might not be 100% working properly just yet. Oh well!

To celebrate the love of the noobs and the cupids and the spuds we have implemented the sales and the stuff. The important thing is that I'm super sleepy right now and just want to go to bed, so cutting to the skimmies the sale is -33.33% off, and will last for the day and the next day.

Shout out to Orion his quest team for rocking the Valentines quests for yet another holiday, and you guys should all go check out what they've been doing! I should probably ask Orion for more details on where people can find the quests now huh?

Boring Change-Log Shiyut

  • Completely killed Hyperconomy
  • ShopChests soon™ (I was hustling with the crate)
  • New Crate: Valentine's Crate!
    • Some new gimmicks!
  • Added Whiskers! The helpful chat bot!
    • Ask the bot questions, it actually helps me train
    • Ask your questions with whiskers, question
    • (he now only responds to Whiskers)
  • Rewrote Noob+ plugin
  • Noob+ now bypasses duplicate messages check
  • Removed MinecraftServerStatus, and minecraft-servers-list due to exploit.
  • Removed the $500 per each vote and increased the number of points from each vote to 5
  • All points from uSkyblock island levels have been distributed
Hello folks! And happy new year. I know many of you have started a new school year just as I have, and while I'm busy I still intend on growing the community. There are specific ideas that I'm somewhat working on, but I wanted to share with you, the community the goals that I had in mind. I hope that you all have a wonderful year, and thank you for sticking around through thick and thin. You're the best, and I wouldn't change a damned thing about you.
2017 Goals
  • Build better bridges to other servers
  • Bring the other servers up to class with Scarlet
  • Gather more feedback from players
  • Experiment with new ideas in a safe environment
  • Pivot staff focus from punishment to creation and service
  • Create more flexible donation methods that allows players to have a rank
  • Create more autonomous systems for helping players resolve issues
  • Provide more regular communication of changes. Bring back the change log!
Hey folks, it was mentioned in a previous thread ambigiously, but this will be happening in the next week, so here's the last minute post where I give you all of the details because I'm a good owner and stuff and do things and tell you guys stuff about the things while I do the things.

Anyways, lets get to it.

I'll be resetting the Skyblock server, as many of you are already aware of because of how completely broken it is currently. Your islands will be reset, your inventories will be reset, and your backpacks will be reset. Your McMMO however will not be reset.

To help compensate our most dedicated players, I will be awarding points based on your most recent island level. I know this doesn't go anywhere towards making the reset whole, but it hopefully will help to mend some sour feelings.

So, small example if you have an island level of 100 you will be awarded 100 points to compensate for your time.

The new world will have a working Skyblock style nether from the get go. Keep inventory will be off. I repeat. Keep inventory will be off. I believe that Keep Inventory being off is more in the spirit of Skyblock, and while it does make it more of a challenge, I believe that's what Skyblock is meant more to be. A challenge. If that doesn't sound good to you, sorry, but you can still voice your opinion. It's just a simple setting anyways. :p

Posted below is a list of every island with a level above 10. If you know your island is above 10 but do not see your name, now is the time to get in contact with me about the correction.

iMJF 6345.179
BabblingBunny 4392.051
shadwfax 2751.157
reyesl 2481.314
arfermoment 2057.81
romanphone 2057.81
calicokid123 2057.81
Silentgirl 2057.81
PearlescentMoon 1579.832
mdunlavy 1520.721
Gurtini 1368.451
Metalmeister 1368.451
DearKed 1368.451
God_Sniper13 1282.336
Bowhunter 1020.755
KyaputenSasoriza 1020.755
ArtemusPC 1020.755
GemStarrk 1020.755
SkittlesYaKnow 823.4492
xXTigerBlood3Xx 823.4492
DangerousRetards 823.4492...
Hello folks! I hope you're as happy as I am that Christmas is here. And many of you have been wondering what the hell we're doing for Christmas... So I'll tell you! We're bringing all the Christmas. That's right. All of it. Do you need anymore?

Well, specifically the Christmas crate is in /warp crate, and there's a new Christmas town! Do quests and spread holiday cheer! I actually don't know if that's a good description for it, but I'm going to assume that the quest team did just that. If not I'll have to post a note in the sweatshop. Seriously, mad props to @benchriswii and @OrionPax6 for working on the quests. And to @PearlescentMoon @SkittlesYaKnow and @Joannu for working on the build itself.

Anyways, this has been a lot of rambling, but one last thing, the holiday sale is here. From today until the 1st of next year, enjoy a 1/3rd off all purchases from the donation store! Happy holidays anyways everyone! I'll be in my room dreaming of Star Pigs.

Seriously though, go check out the winter wonderland. It's bootiful.
Violet will be launching tomorrow at 12PM MST, so December 12th at 12PM MST for those reading this in the future. I know you're there... So start sharpening your swords!! Well. Violet has a separate inventory than Violet, so don't bother with that on Scarlet. That being said... I'm not great with factions myself, so tonight I'll probably go make my own little faction while no one else has access to the server... Muhahah! But this is more for testing purposes anyways. I'm excited.

With the factions server, it'll be more of the wild west. So, I'm genuinely curious if there are elements of that we could use on Scarlet. I have been getting annoyed by the amount of people who pretty much just don't claim anything so that they don't have to pay any upkeep. But I'm curious what your thoughts are. Reply to this thread with comments, and vote in this poll thingy.

  • Added dark oak door, jungle door, spruce door, birch door, acacia door, dark oak gate, jungle oak gate, spruce oak gate, birch gate, acacia gate, brewing stand, and trapped chest to Towny switch protection list
  • Removed money from the /bs /menu
  • Stopped removing minecarts from the server
  • Added messages to make it more obvious when people win bonus points from voting
  • Added topg to /vote sites
  • Pets are back for donors, Use /pet
TLDR; Violet is coming, 1.11 shinies, rules are for fools!

Greetings folks! I'm here to confirm that yes, Violet will be launching tomorrow. The network will be offline starting at 12AM MST GMT-7 (December 2st), and will offline until 5AM MST GMT-7 (December 2nd) Violet will be our first ever Factions server. So bear with us as we as staff acclimate to the new systems, and growing pains as we expand to the new digs. In addition this server will the first 1.11 server on supernoobs.net.

Tonight will also be the first major test for 1.11 on Scarlet. All things permitting, by tomorrow Scarlet will be running 1.11. That being said, there's still always a chance that the server is not updated.

As many of who have tried Azure know, it's a little bit of a cluster fuck at the moment. Azure was launched a few years ago riddled with issues, and hasn't ever really had a major reset. Well- today I'm announcing coming in the next month we will be resetting Azure. All islands, members, backpacks, and inventory data will be reset. We will be granting players bonuses based on the current island level of the player. In the case of an island with more than one member, all four members will receive the same rewards on the reset server.

As part of the reset, I plan to have a working nether, larger island spaces, and reworked anticheat measures. In addition the shop prices will be touched up, spawners will be added, and the voting crate will be reworked.


So, I've been wanting to touch these up for quite a while and am just now getting around to drafting all of these. These are not set in stone, and are meant to reflect the values of the community. Minimizing misunderstanding between staff and players is a number one priority. Being reasonable with our rules makes this place what it is. The wiki, /rules, and signs in spawn will be updated tomorrow with these rules, however I...
Greetings all! Some of you may find the new crate to be of interest! Go check it out now!! /warp crate. There's some items and enchantments I'm pretty excited about in there, but I'm curious how many people will actually get them! The crate will last for another week or two then expire, so grab it while it's here!

Also to celebrate 'Merica and American consumerism we're having a sale for the weekend! 44.44% off EVERYTHING. I will be a little disappointed if there aren't a few bonus McMMO events thrown on because of this. The sale is in place NOW and expires Monday at midnight at what I think is Mountain Standard Time, but could just have easily have been British time. If it ends at the British time I will extend it a bit more to make up for it.

Anyways, I've stayed up far too late preparing this and should get some rest. Enjoy!

edit: You might see some NPCs around spawn! Do their quests and get free shit!
Today many of you will have noticed that 1.11 has hit the launcher! I'm pretty excited about it, and I wanted to go over some things that will be happening over the next week in preparation for the new world.

We will be updating to 1.11 next week depending on how stable 1.11 is. Before we update I will post a notice about extended maintenance.

In the meantime you will need to keep your client on into 1.10.*. If you can't connect because of the version, you can usually find plenty of tutorials online, but for the sake of lazy people, here's a link to the first tutorial I found on how to change versions.

Scarlet will not get a world wipe. However, the end and nether will be reset during the process of upgrading to 1.11. Along with Scarlet updating, I will be launching Violet our new Factions server. Much of this information will be reiterated in the bullet points below for those who can't read a wall of text.

And if you need some hype for 1.11, here's a nifty little trailer Mojang put together!

Things That Will Happen When We Update To 1.11(Hopefully)
  • Scarlet
    • End Reset
    • Nether Reset
    • Old chunks recycled - If a chunk has not been loaded in the past two months it will be removed and regenerated to allow new structures to spawn!
    • Dynmap reset - Just to account for the nether/end/and old chunks being recycled
  • Violet New!
    • Factions!
    • Different rules than Scarlet, raiding/griefing/pvp focused server
    • Hopefully serve as an alternative for people who do want to grief so they don't do it on Scarlet. .-.
    • Fresh 1.11 world
edit: The plugins are getting closer to ready, but are still not quite there....
There's been a rift to another world that has opened! Use /warp hallowstear (edit: use /warp crate and go into the portal on your left for now) to venture into the broken world.

From October 31st-November 6th, the Halloween World will remain open, and the donation store has a sale going on. So be sure to go check it out.
  • Halloween Only: Crate Keys 66.66% off!
  • Scarlet & Azure & Ruby Ranks, points, staff heads 33.33% off!
  • Consumables 66.66% off!
  • Quests
    • Several quests that grant crate keys!
    • Spot quest givers by the notes above their head
  • Custom Mobs
    • Witches, Zombies, Skeletons, and something special…
    • The pumpkin king spawns every 90 minutes.
  • Crate
    • Get to the crate by doing /warp hallows tear, then proceeding through the portal. The NPC and crate will be immediately to your left
    • Over 30 items!
    • Special Food Items
    • Keys start at just 25 points per key!
All the love belongs to the newly formed Events Committee. Lets look forward to more things like this in the future! And hopefully with a little more time to plan too. :)
Notice: This post may be updated periodically with better new information as I ship more features
Minor note: If you can't redeem the key in the Halloween world, use /warp crate and use that.
Hello Noobs. Kerp here. Got some big news for the server. In the very near future we are going to start hosting more events and minigames on the server. So, in effort of put these events together I am recruiting a council of minds to assist me in coming up with ideas. These fun and games will most likely be themed, as holidays are the easiest to work with in generating ideas, but will not be limited to just holidays as I'd like to create a wide array of events and fun for everyone to join in on.

This is step one, so currently I am only looking for people to join me in creating a committee of minds to generate ideas. So if you've ever wanted to create things in Minecraft but lacked the technical access on Scarlet because it is a survival server or lack the know how of crafting these wacky ideas, this is your group to join. If you've got ideas for Scarlet, or the entirety of the Noobs hub, join me, we'll make your ideas come to life and you can contribute to Supernoobs in new and fun ways.

I'd like to lay some guidelines down as to how this operation will be managed. First of all please make sure you have Teamspeak and have logged into the Supernoobs channel, I will be trying to host meetings so that everyone may participate and be heard. Voice communication is so much easier than many threads of messages. Second, please like our facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/SuperNoobs/?fref=ts because I will also be trying to boost the pages popularity and information. I'm going to advertise out there in the interwebs in attempt to bring in more players. Thirdly, I would appreciate people to join who have a long term vested interest in the server. That doesnt mean I dont want new people, but I would like to see some sort of dedication to the server to be included in this committee, that way we arent left wondering where our newest progeny has disappeared to as deadlines for events get closer, dont want to be left hanging with an incomplete event or job....