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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

Here's what you do! Reply to this thread, saying you want your vault and do the following.
  • Go to where you want the chests placed
  • do /sethome vaultlocation
  • An admin will then move your vault chests to this location
Granted if an admin is online, don't hesitate to ask!
Winners of the contest!
honorary noob: Spark_Dax
We're live! WE ARE ON 1.7 There are still a few things that need to be adjusted, but for the most part we are done! Hopefully the server isn't too unstable, but we'll keep updating it to the latest of what ever. I'm pleased to announce that I successfully transferred everyone's inventory from 1.6 to 1.7. But, those of you who were awesome enough to make vaults, listen for a moment. Because of the changes in plugins, we are unable to have a self serve vault system. That being said, login, make a town, and an admin will move your items to your town base upon your request. I recommend just replying to this thread, or I might make another thread later on of people don't catch on. Welcome to 1.7 flock!
At 7:00PM MST I will be taking down the server in order to grab a last backup of the server files and prepare for 1.7. I will be attempting to migrate player files to the new world and configure other settings. Please be patient, and know that the server may be offline for the entire night. I know this may not be convenient to a large portion of you, which I apologize for in advance. Once the update is complete I will update this post and open the server back up to the world! See you on the other side!
The progress to 1.7 has been a slow arduous road, and we thank all of you for sticking around. I'm pleased to say that we will update one way or another within the next two weeks. I've been anxiously awaiting Bukkit to update, but it's also important that it be stable when the Minecraft server updates. Some of you may know that Spigot MC has been offering a 1.7 update for quite a while, but this has been feature incomplete. It's been lacking proper world generation and 1.7 blocks. Bukkit will have a development build out within the weekend, but if that's crap, we can always just have a ghetto rigged spigot build running. I look forward to moving to 1.7 finally, as I'm sure most of you all are. We needs to fill up them 60 slots yo!
You may have noticed our small period of downtime this morning. Please disregard this, as some jerk named Santa refused to pay the bill. I kept messaging him, but he just didn't pay up. But anyways, went to the bank this morning and put my latest paycheck in, so we good now! PLAY ON!
Greetings flock!
It's been far to long since I've last posted here, but here's what is going to happen in the next couple weeks and how it relates to the people of Minecraft! So lets get started!

The migration to something other than GriefPrevention has been long in the tooth. I think we've all seen bugs where TNT explosions cannot be toggled, and claims seem to do nothing to stop people from breaking in your area occasionally. We're pleased to announce formally that we're moving to Towny. Of course I've been saying this for a while now, but here's why. Towny provides community creation, chat management, and land management in one package. Making it an ideal candidate for this server. I'm predicting there will be a good amount of confusion, and anticipate teleporting to people to see them wildly swinging a gold shovel all over the place trying to claim. In order to mitigate some of this confusion, me and the fellow staff will attempt to educate our selves as much as possible in order to write a simple guide on how to get started, as well as help in-game with any issues that occur.

Another question you may be asking your self now is, well if Towny is so great, why haven't we been using it until now? The reason we haven't switched until now boils down to we didn't want to have people lose their houses. So why now? We're going to be regenerating the world along with changing to 1.7. Making it the opportune time to make the switch! And now you may be asking your self "Well Mr. Owner, what about all my diamonds?" and the correct response to that is, simply put your diamonds in a vault! It's that easy! How do you get a vault you ask? Ask an Admin! No admins on? Post a reply here! Remember, you need to have an account on the forums to qualify for a vault so get cracking!
Hey guys, just wanted to post a quick notice that I've decided to reward anyone who makes an account on the website with 1000 claim blocks. I figure that's a good way of ratting out people who don't really love this server, and it's a good way of rewarding all of you for your love! <3 :squirtle:
edit: Also I retroactively added claim blocks to those of you who already made an account. No worries :)
So, I like it when people are social, so, part of our plans moving forward will be more and tie-ins between the website and the game. You probably know of our efforts to provide plugin help and that reward, well take that and automate it. Part of the plan is to have forum ranks transferrable to in-game. Have trophies give you some diamonds or a special sword. Fun stuff moving ahead. And I hope you like it too.