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Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a Minecraft server community! Come play on Scarlet, our towny server!

Hey folks! I was thinking about making this a change log, but instead I decided to add a sale to it to boost my ego having more posts on the Server News section.

Anyways, I just wanted to formally let you all know that Discord now supports Network chat on Scarlet/Azure/Ruby/Violet. In addition to this change, the /msg, /tell, /r colors have been revised to a different color as well.

So, to celebrate the New Year, new job, and new chat features here's a weekend sale. It will last from now until Monday.
Hey *hic* every-*hic* body,

Thish is color Santa. As you know, *hic* I'm the best dad Santa that ever was, and not just your raging alcoholic father who left you Santa and, *hic* delievereed Chistttmasss right on timeee. Merry Drunkmas.

Celebrarttroaating the holdiays, and thsh New Years, there is a new Crate, expartly crafted, by my bitches helpers. kep voting plz.

Because I like mony, and sales, tehrer is a sale on the DONation $T0re./
It ends Januaryuuy 5th
Since there's been no official announcement here, and there might be some folks who have been living under a rock the past couple of days:

Halloween may be over, but in this season of half-price candy, it's just getting started on Scarlet! Spooky adventures await in the Halloween town at /warp halloween! Can you defeat the evil Pumpkin King, find the little lost Tricker Treaters, aid the witch Samantha with her love life, locate the piglet Porkers in the twisty hay maze, and help all the other townsfolk? Valuable rewards await those who can, including Halloween Crate Keys!

Speaking of which, if you somehow still aren't aware, the Halloween Crate is still at spawn, loaded with OP gear and prizes.

Finally, give some love to our Quest and Build teams, who put in the efforts to make Halloween Town a reality for us!

2017-11-03_09.14.32.png 2017-11-03_09.15.29.png 2017-11-03_14.34.23.png
Greetings Nooblings!
I'm pleased to announce that the countdown finally meant something, and that the crate has arrived. Hit the voting sites for the points hard, and get your crate keys, because this one's a doozey. Thanks to the lovely and talented @ClaryMorgenstern for being a wonderful aide in creating this crate. <3

In addition, on the donation store everything is 66.6% of it's normal price ;), so stock up on your ranks and goodies. Hopefully we can hit some good jobs bonus events over the next week!
Sale ends October 31st, 2017

The next countdown will be something fun as well. So stay tuned ;)

  • Readded player points to the tab list
  • Made tab list pretty

  • Updated Nether Message
  • Fixed leaderboards not showing users full names
  • Added a small countdown just before ClearLag removes items
  • Hoppers can now interact with shops. Users shouldn't make shops in areas not claimed by them as it would allow manipulation of their shop
  • Another backend plugin will now ignore hoppers
  • Beyond this point, hopper lag will result in me melting them down and throwing the iron into a sarlac pit
  • Added a Halloween Crate
  • Fixed chat
  • Fixed money
  • Added jobs
  • Fixed marry plugin
  • You can now be married without a priest
  • Added McMMO
  • Added anticheat/anti-xray
  • Fixed donor rank syncing
  • Fixed /marry backpack for donors
  • Made stricter trust levels for staff on Violet, as grief is permitted.
  • Fixed silk spawners
  • Added /home
  • Added Discord integration
Hey peeps! I did more changelog stuff which normally would go into a change log, but with the new rules that are being applied I felt it deserved it's own server news thread, so here we go! Boop-a-doop! ~New Rules at the bottom!~
Change log
  • Added trade plugin - You can now do /trade to open a trade menu with
  • Added /warp noob
  • Updated furniture Wiki
  • Established a larger safe zone around spawn
  • Linked Discord to gen chat. Check out the #scarlet-chat channel.
  • Titles/Surnames are now visible in town and nation chat. Use /n set title/surname [resident] [text] if you are a nation leader if you are a mayor.
  • Gold+ Donors are now able to write colors on signs using formatting codes
  • Donors can now get more jobs
    • Noob+ - 4
    • Bronze - 5
    • Silver - 6
    • Gold - 7
    • Diamond - 8
    • Platinum - 9
Updated rules as of 9/8/17
  1. No harassment. Treat others with respect.
  2. Swearing is allowed, but don't exaggerate. Keep it respectful. Racial slurs will not be tolerated.
  3. No abusive exploits, or hacks for unfair advantages.
  4. No trolling in chat. Baiting others into fights will result in a ban.
  5. Don't advertise other servers for gain.
  6. Don't spam chat. Don't repeat characters or messages. No countdowns. Keep sentences below 3 lines of chat. Keep thoughts on the same line as much as possible.
  7. Use the appropriate chat channel for your audience.
  8. Comply with staff requests without complaining. Staff disrespect will not be tolerated.
  9. Speak English in public chats. Common phrases/greetings such as "Hola, Guten Tag, J'aime le fromage" are acceptable.
  10. No stealing/raiding/scamming/griefing/claiming over other's...
Hey peeps, in honor of me having one week off school I've decided to do a bunch of work on the server. Huzzah! To celebrate I'm kicking off a sale which I'll be calling the 'plz help color buy textbooks n' stuff' sale, where everything will be 33.33% off until the end of August! Neat right!
srsly, plz donate, new semester, send help.

So now that the panhandling is out of the way, here's a list of shit that I did today. ARE YOU PROUD?
  • Added special pets for donors, accessible through the command /mpet -New!-
    • Silver Donors
      • MP8
      • Frog
      • Panda
    • Gold Donors
      • Pig
      • Duck
      • Minime
    • Diamond Donors
      • Turtle
  • Added new donor trails
    • Bronze Donors
      • Falling Dust
    • Silver Donors
      • Potatoh
      • Spit
    • Gold Donors
      • Dragon Breath
      • Totem
    • Diamond Donors
      • End Rod
    • Platinum Donors
      • Damage Indicator
  • Added Furniture -New!-


We have no idea what the fuck we're doing with the furniture either. It's okay. We're all learning together~
  • Reset Jobs Plugin
    • Jobs no longer have an exp cap, or money cap
    • Jobs no longer gain money exponentially
    • Jobs no longer have exponential exp boosts (Levels are harder to get)
  • Removed town bank limit
  • Adjusted hopper settings to hopefully reduce the amount of lag they cause...
Hey Noobs!
The summer crate is finally here thanks to @ClaryMorgenstern nagging helping me with it.
You can now purchase the items at the /warp crate.

You'll be happy/annoyed a some of the new server wide special items such as money bags. Money bags gives everyone logged into the server $10K. Is that a horrible idea, and I'm a moron? Probably. BUT OH WELL.

In celebration of the crate being released we also have a summer sale going on. (Woo! Wait is it weird to cheer in your own forum posts? Ah shit it is isn't it.)
The store will have a 33.33% discount running from now to the end of July, so if you've been meaning to pick up a rank, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME.

Thanks for reading this nonsense, and have a great day everyone!
Hey peeps! The forums and Discord now love each-other like you wish your parents loved each-other! (Maybe too real)

On the bright side, you can now login with Discord

And get your ranky ranky syncy syncied to the Discordo.
It's neat stuff! I promise!
You can find your external accounts by mousing over your profile -> External Accounts -> Link Discord. Or clickin' dis link.

Thanks for reading. If you read this by 7/7/17 (July 7th), use the coupon code "discordiddlydoo" for 50% off your entire cart on http://shop.supernoobs.net
Coupon code can be redeemed once per customer.
1.12 update is here. There are issues as always, so.. its updated, but lots of server reboots and bug fixes for plugins.. give it a bit to settle, but 1.12 is here... painfully here. :confused:o_O

List of things currently broken:
Teleports (/tpa, /tpahere, etc) Now using a different plugin temporarily.
New teleport plugin broke.
Dynamic Map



crate gear not working correctly
Hi! This is a small but neat feature. You can now open your marriage partners backpack! To allow your partner use the command
/marry backpack on
Then to open your partner's backpack use
/marry backpack

And also a friendly reminder that the end and exploratorium will be resetting on 5/16/17, have a nice day!